Hackney birds

Cycling home from work today, I saw one or more of the following:

– Feral pigeon
– Wood pigeon
– Magpie
– Starling
– Crow
– Mute swan
– Canada goose
– Greylag goose
– Moorhen
– Mallard
– Common gull
– Black-headed gull
– Cormorant
– House sparrow
– Robin
– Blackbird
– Egyptian goose

I also heard some rose-ringed parakeets and ate a variety of unidentified flying insects.

I ❤ Hackney.


A walk around Chislehurst

Another walk in in the country, this time in following the ‘Daylight Saving in Chislehurst’ walk in the AA’s book 50 Walks in London. I think we took a wrong turn in leaving the wood and walking down Manor Park, but it gave us a chance to marvel at the houses we could never afford or want to live in.